Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Long Fish Bowl

In the past, I lived in the fishbowl. Now, I just fish or bowl.
--Brandi Chambless, August 19, 2010

So today's the last day of combat in Iraq, as troops depart to begin Operation New Dawn. The past three years have been an Operation New Dawn of my own as God has allowed the unraveling of everything I knew as He has begun weaving together something I can't quite understand that will hopefully be useful and interesting...but definitely different.

Faith unwavering: check. Childlike faith: not necessarily. I would say that my faith has been more childish than childlike, holding on to every last fiber God stripped from my old tapestry. Like a child at play whose Daddy made an attempt to pry a sucker from her hands readying her for a more substantial meal of meat and potatoes, this has been the story of my life. Little tantrum girl.

And then there are mornings like today when I thank God for what He is doing. My head is clear. My heart is collected. I'm ready to do His will. Thank you, Lord.

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