Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GLEE's Mark Salling CD Set to Release in October

Mark Salling of GLEE recently announced that he will be releasing his debut CD project Pipe Dreams on October 12.

A Dallas native, Salling's lyrics are filled with scriptural references such as "equally yoked", reference to the Son of God, and the Heavenly Father. The CD will be released as a rock/jazz project inspired by Nine Inch Nails, Miles Davis, Alice in Chains, and Herbie Hancock.

These lyrics from "Yoked Equally" speak to the righteous religious leaving behind those are in the fight of their lives against the principalities and darkness.

Cause the only road I've known goes down, down
where the ride seems so righteous
they've left us on the ground
There's a reward for capturing my soul
so, let the heavenly father shine down on me
til the day I am yoked equally

To view the official website of Mark Salling's project, go to www.marksallingmusic.com.

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