Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My dance partner Phillip and I getting ready for the big dance off when we take center stage at Royal Affairs Ballroom on March 5 for Sue Weaver Dancing for the Cause.

What do the year 1967, Los Angeles, and the Green Bay Packers all have in common? Simple. Larry Jacobson. He attended Superbowl I, then known as the Supergame. Nicknamed “the can’t-miss kid” by The Los Angeles Times reporter Jerry Crowe, Larry and three others have never missed a Superbowl game. Now, The Never Miss a Superbowl Club has jet lag and we’ve all got a Superbowl XLV Hangovers here in North Texas. We’ve returned to routine, and perhaps even the lost art of dinner time conversation, the best venue on God’s green Earth for imparting or receiving life’s most valuable lessons.

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