Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Strange Beauty of Autumn

Beauty is not caused. It is. --Emily Dickinson

Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future. --Oliver Wendell Holmes

Somehow, uniquely, God desires to use those difficult moments of our lives to bring forth something extraordinarily beautiful. Even the natural creation attests to this truth. In fall, we marvel at the gorgeous, lush colors of burnt amber, burnished orange, brilliant red, and bright yellow leaves, even as that beauty belies the slow and gradual death of those leaves. Winter buries those leaves under the cold, dark blanket of snow and frost. And yet, death brings forth life. Spring bursts forth year after year with jonquils, iris, lilies, and all the beautiful pastels of new life. --Jill Carattini, Slice of Infinity

Fall is coming. My favorite time of year. I haven't felt it in the air just yet, but these words above from Jill Carattini reminded me that there will be another October soon. I'm glad. I come alive in October. It's the best month God ever created.

If the Lord is willing, I will be burning candles, cooking soups, and riding horses. I will be nesting and putting burnt orange silk arrangements on my front doorstep in this fair time. I will listen to the music of James Taylor and Eva Cassidy and sense the strange beauty of life again. The sign on my door will say, "Welcome," and I will paint my walls hues of amber and laugh with the ones I love.

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