Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Stride In Rhythm To The Beat of Home Sweet Home

Dear Reader, in order to understand this story, let me introduce you to the characters. Mind you, I have studied them all of my life and I still do not fully understand them. Along with their real life identities, I’ve listed a description of their personalities along with their Native American names.

Mom – The Queen of Precaution, “Clan Mother Just In Case”
Granny – A Little Blue-Haired Spitfire, “Mema Real Boss”
Nannie Tanner – My fairy godmother, equally handy with a needle, a hacksaw, or paintbrush, “Shoots Like A Girl”
Ms. Geraldine – Spiritual woman of the The Owls Nest Ranch, “Works Like A Man”
Bernardo – The Cowboy, “Rides Like The Wind”
Andrea – The Cowboy’s Wife, “Stands With An Enchilada”
Pedro – The Cowboy’s Son, “Duh, I Speak English”
Mrs. Shirley – Hairdresser #1, “Coffin-Hairdo Guarantee”
Mrs. Lily – Hairdresser #2, “What, You Think I Work For The Gossip Alone?”

Still brave enough to read this story?? If so, CLICK HERE.

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