Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes It Pays To Be a Tri Sigma

Today I created a new label for my blog called "birthday gone bad". Last year for Bob's birthday, the 49 candles accidentally set the homemade cake on fire.

So it was my Mom's 60th birthday. My sister Ava and I planned the perfect surprise birthday party for her. Ava came up with a 60's theme in typical Ava fashion. Once a Tri Sigma President always a Tri Sigma President. Sigma Sigma Sigma. She managed the social event like the best of 'em. Me -- well, I just rolled in at the last minute, flat-ironed my hair, put on some red lipstick and greeted everyone.

The moment of truth: Debbie and Jim were one mile away. The guests are all waiting with expectation, ready to yell, "Surprise!" while sweating and fighting off mosquitoes, the Louisiana state bird, when we suddenly we get a call. They have a flat tire. Ava had not formulated Plan B, but was ready to take action almost instantaneously while "shushing" the crowd (A.K.A. Big Daddy Didi) as to not create any background noise that might alert Debbie to the heist.

For Mom's birthday tribute, click here.

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